Frequently Asked Questions

Honesty Car is a licensed hassle-free car buying service. We are not only act as an auto broker for your new car purchase or lease, we will also help you through all aspects of the transaction. We work with dealers on your behalf so you can avoid many hours spent at dealerships.

People should use Honesty Car because our brokers have a pulse on the market. And we are privy to proprietary manufacturer information on various finance, lease, and purchase programs only made available to dealerships. It comes down to how much time you are willing to spend to find the right car and negotiate a deal. Even if you contact multiple dealers and play them off one another, you still may not have received the best overall deal. Furthermore, you may end up with a second-choice color or options that you didn’t really want.

We recommend that you test drive a few models before you make a decision and start the buying process. But please remember you are under no obligation to buy a car from the dealer where you test drive — we will always get you a better deal by negotiating across multiple dealers.

Our service fee starts at $499, it covers all aspects of using Honesty Car. It normally includes price negotiation, contract processing. We will work with our dealer partners either to have them deliver the car or arrange for you to pick it up from their dealership.

The fee is typically included in the selling price of the vehicles from our inventory. However, there is absolutely none commission we collect from dealers

We facilitate the purchase transaction between you and the dealer. Every new car comes directly from a dealership. The cars are sold as new and carry the manufacturer’s warranty, and qualify for any and all rebates and incentives offered by the manufacturer on new cars. The contracts you sign are prepared by the respective dealership that we work with for your car purchase.

If you can’t find the exact car you a looking for, we can work with one of our dealer partners to custom order a vehicle for you. You’ll get all the convenience of our hassle free broker service. We can still negotiate a great price for custom orders and we’ll always make sure you receive all available incentives and finance/lease programs. Once the car is received from the manufacturer, we’ll schedule delivery to your home or office.

  1. After you have a specific car(s) in mind, utilize Honesty Car’s powerful search technology to find it in the color and with the options you prefer. If you are not sure what you want and need to compare numbers, just select specific cars and review the terms that are clearly displayed. You can also contact us with with any specific models that aren’t in our inventory.
  2. Once you have decided, select the car, deal structure. Don’t worry, you are not committed you have completed a credit application and we have sent back a final deal sheet.
  3. If the exact car you select is not available, then we will find a “twin” or close match to what you selected. No surprises.
  4. We send you an updated deal sheet with the price, lease, and/or finance terms and will secure the car with your approval.
  5. We schedule a convenient time for your car to be picked-up at the Honesty Car office in West Covina. Or at the local dealership. Your new car will be ready and you sign paperwork in 15 minutes or less.
  6. You are on your way!

It is important to look at all terms associated with a lease to determine if one deal is better than another. Honesty Car lease specials feature no-markup money factors and an aggressively negotiated, up-front, vehicle sale price. Our team is happy to review any lease deal our customers have been offered. We will compare terms, evaluate options, and determine if Honesty Car can provide a more appealing overall deal. Honesty Car can also customize lease terms, including term length, drive off amounts, and mileage allowance, to meet your needs.

Honesty Car offers very attractive lease deals on most cars, so don’t hesitate to request a custom lease on the specific vehicle you are interested in.

We require your paperwork to be signed upon vehicle delivery or pickup.

Yes. You can add a co-signer when filling out a credit application or at any time until you place an order.

We encourage you to reach out to us directly for assistance. Our Customer Service team has had great success in finding alternatives for customers experiencing similar scenarios.

If we haven’t answered your questions above and you have additional questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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